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It all started in November 1990, when a young 18-year-old Kala Mullaney was asked to join the US Army. He did so without hesitation and asked to be in communications knowing that once he was out he could transition easily back into civilian life. Doing basic training at Ft. Jackson SC taught Kala that his mind and body could be pushed far past his own expectations thus realizing anything can be possible. After Ft. Jackson Kala was then sent to Ft. Gordon Ga, where he learned his skill as a tactical switchboard operator. Here he learned to install, program, and maintain a tactical telephone network and was one of the first to implement a digital node center. Kala was given the Distinguished Honor Graduate Award as being the top in his class.

Kala stayed in the military until 2001 where he then joined the civilian workforce as a telephone technician for multiple companies for 10 years before going out on his own. Kala started ComTek Business Communications installing cables for phones and data then began to install phone systems. Kala would then do jobs for local IT companies that needed data cabling done for internal networks. This is where he met ESP Computer Consulting and they brainstormed, and then vPhones was born.

vPhones began in 2012 when Fresno business owners Kala Mullaney of ComTek Business Communications, and Eric Peterson of ESP Computer Consulting, made a decision to address the most frequent complaints they heard from customers regarding their phone service. Aside from the high costs, the biggest problem seemed to be the service they received when there was a problem.

ComTek and ESP decided to combine their strengths in technology expertise and customer service to create a Telephone Service Provider (ITSP) company focused on providing quality products and exceptional service to its customers.

After a few months of prep work and beta testing, vPhones was ready to go online. The first, and now long-time customer Landstar, a local trucking brokerage company, averaged about 300-400 calls a day. They instantly saw capacity go from 4 to 24 calls at a time (which increased their productivity immensely) once they switched to vPhones. No more busy signals or missed calls from the drivers on the road. They were able to hold conference calls between the broker, driver, and the receiver which made the transitions easier, and did not tie up potential incoming calls. Their next client, Tax Professionals (another local company), was actually looking for a simple telephone system so they could transfer calls, but because they only needed a few phones, Kala couldn’t justify the large cost of a digital system. So, he showed them vPhones and they have since been a loyal customer.

Now with customers across the Central Valley and in various industries, vPhones is being installed in places where conventional phone companies can’t go or will take too long to get service there. With a firm belief that VoIP is the future of business communications, vPhones aims to help businesses make this transition as easily as possible and is committed to customer service and satisfaction.

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